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Spacemaker Triple Towel Hooks

Item#: H5221

Hinge-It Spacemaker Triple Towel Hooks saves you space and money. This handy hook is actually three hooks in one. It hangs on the hinge of your door, so you can store robes and towels quickly and conveniently. Using the corner space in a room, where most doors are, better uses the space you have. It keeps clutter off your floor and doesn't overwhelm small rooms. The triple-hook holds more than a traditional towel bar, so more people have a place to hang-dry their towels. Hang drying actually saves you money by reducing how frequently towels are washed, thus preserving the quality of your towel longer and reducing your energy consumption. Install it quickly without damaging your wall or door. Just remove the pin from your hinge, fit the Hinge-It over it, and slip the pin back in. It's a simple solution to a common conundrum.  The Hinge-It Spacemaker Triple Towel Hooks has 3 hooks and measures 24 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 1 inch deep.

  • Triple-hook towel hook with three hooks
  • Behind-the-door storage mounts on a single hinge
  • Swivels for easy access
  • Easy installation at door hinge: pop the pin and drop it in
  • Fits most standard doors
  • Protective cap protects hanging garments and helps keep them on the bar
  • Instantly provides two places to hang towels, robes, clothes, or accessories easily
  • Saves money--air drying conserves energy and extends the life of your towel
  • 3 hooks; 24 inches high, 10 inches wide, and 1 inch deep

Color: White

24h x 10w x 1d inch
60.9 x 25.4 x 2.54 cm

18 x 5/8 inch

Towels dry best when air can reach them. So keep your door closed or partially closed so the towels get the air they need to dry. Dried towels stay fresher longer, so you wash less--conserving energy and water. The larger Hinge It products have independently swiveling sections, so you can still open your door to get in and out of a room. That's handy.

Air-drying dramatically cuts down on utility expenses, especially the dryer is the second largest energy consumer in most households. By air drying towels and swimwear between uses, they need to be washed less frequently, which means less water and less detergent. Air drying also extends the life of your clothes, to you'll need to replace worn out things less frequently.

Talk about using your unused space! There is between 6 and 8 inches of space lost to doorways. Hinge It products use that space to your advantage. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, mudrooms and offices, the handy array of Hinge It products makes sure that you can better use the space you have. Whether you install a hook for the office bathroom for ladies to hang their purses or the Family Towel Bar in your home bathroom or bedroom, you suddenly discover what extra hanging space can mean. It's so easy and so convenient, you'll wonder that you never did it before.


No tools needed!

Technically, no tools are required to install the Hinge It products. But sometimes, hinge pins can be hard to get out. So, you may need something to help you get the pin out the first time, especially in older doors and in bathrooms.
  Easy installation:
Remove the pin from the hinge--usually the top hinge of the door, though the middle hinge works just as well! The Hinge-It has an eye-hole attached to the bar. Fit this eye-hole over the hinge so that the pin can pass through it and into the hinge. Then put the pin back in!

Does each of the three hooks swivel independently, or are they all stationery? Also, are the three hooks staggered, somewhat, so that they are not directly above or below each other?
All three hooks swivel together. They are aligned (stacked vertically). If you are looking for more versatility in your behind-the-door organizer, check out the Clutterbuster or Valet styles! These Hinge It organizers have horizontal towel bars that do swivel independently, for that staggered effect that speeds drying! The Valet style combines the hooks and towel bars; the Clutterbuster is towel bars only.

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