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Ironing Solutions: Exactly What Fits

Household Essentials® knows ironing boards.  We've been in the business for a very long time. 

Find your next ironing board here, with all the accessories you want and need to make ironing less of a chore.


Covers and Pads: One-Piece Ironing Surfaces

One-piece ironing board cover and pads combine cotton covers with foam and/or fiber pads to create a smooth ironing surface.  All cover and pads are easy to install, with tailored nose pockets and a bungee-cord binding that creates a better fit.  Sized for standard ironing surfaces (13-15 inches x 53-54 inches).

Ironing Accessories: Holders, Pads, and More!

Ironing accessories are the extras that make ironing day better.  From ironing board holders to ironing pads and iron rests, this comprehensive collection of accessories makes ironing easier and more efficient.

Ironing Boards: Traditional and Innovative Styles

Discover a vast array of ironing boards for every ironing need.  From classic boards to lightweight designs, from standard size to the most compact sleeve board, from free-standing to cabinet boards, this collection invites you to enjoy our long-standing expertise in ironing boards.

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