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Home Decor: Function and Style Tailored to You

Discover an array of smart and stylish home decor! With great ideas for storage and organization that mascarades as decoration, enjoy great looking products and smart storage in one! 

PLEASE NOTE: Many Household Essentials® decorative items are hand-finished, and so may vary slightly from item pictured.

Furniture and Accessories

Tables, stools, cabinets, shelving, and more! Furniture and Accessories helps you design the home you want with quality pieces that tailor-made for your space.  With complete collections and individual pieces, you can design around your space or design around an item.  Either way, you'll find lots of options, right here.  

Garage Door Accents: Magnetic Carriage House Fixtures

Magnetic garage door accents turn standard garage doors into classic carriage doors.  These beautiful, powerful magnets stay put year-round and offer and instant upgrade to your home.

Keepsake Boxes: Stylish Trinket Boxes for Home

Keepsake boxes in a variety of styles and sizes provide the perfect place to store special memories and secrets.  Stylish boxes are charming and sturdy--and may become a keepsake themselves.  Give them as gifts or buy them for yourself!  

Trunks: Coordinated Fashion Storage Trunks

Storage trunks get a modern upgrade with these fashionable, functional wood and metal storage trunks that make home decor and home storage the same.  Discover dome lids and flat lids, coffee and end table size, and shelf sizes too!  With vintage inspriation, modern distressed finishes, and even decoupage overlays for fun and colorful options, these storage trunks will find a way into your home.  Perfect for apartment and dorm-living!  

Wall Décor

Assorted items to decorate and organize your wall space!  From wall hooks to oversized mirrors and clocks, blank spaces get a great and useful makeover right here.

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