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Clutterbuster Family Towel Bar, White

Item#: H12001

Stow towels and robes behind the door on a white 4-tier towel bar that hangs on the hinges of the door!

Stow towels and robes behind the door on a white 4-tier towel bar that hangs on the hinges of the door!
White, Hinge-It Clutterbuster Family Towel Bar is your family's solution to bathroom and bedroom clutter! This innovative towel bar is four towel bars in one--giving 300% more hanging space than a typical towel bar. The four parallel bars attach to a vertical pole that anchors to your door hinges. The horizontal bars swivel independently, so you can easily hang towels, robes, or swimwear to dry. And, because they swivel, you can still get into your bathroom or bedroom! Air drying towels between use keeps them fresher longer, so you spend less time, energy, and money washing and drying stuff that really doesn't need it yet. So make the most of that under used space behind the door. Make tidiness possible with the Hinge-It Clutterbuster Family Towel Bar--the easy answer to shared space. With four bars at four heights, everyone in the family can keep their towel in reach and off the floor.  The Clutterbuster Family Towel Bar has 4 bars and measures 70 inches high, 20.5 inches wide, and 1 inches deep.

  • 4 bar valet family towel rack; bars swivel independently of the door and each other
  • Holds up to 300% more than standard towel bars
  • Installs on most top and bottom door hinges; adjustable brackets up to 66" hinge space
  • 18 in. x 5/8 in. diameter tubular steel arms, with plastic ball end caps, fastened to 1 in. diameter pole
  • Fits best on 3-hinge style doors
  • Easy installation: pop the pins and drop them in
  • Holds multiple towels, robes, and more!
  • More effiicient air drying
  • 4 bars; 70 inches high, 20.5 inches wide, and 1 inch deep

Color: White

70h x 20.5w x 1d inch
177. x 52.0 x 2.54 cm

18 x 5/8 inch

Towels dry best when air can reach them. So keep your door closed or partially closed so the towels get the air they need to dry. Dried towels stay fresher longer, so you wash less--conserving energy and water. The larger Hinge It products have independently swiveling sections, so you can still open your door to get in and out of a room. That's handy.

Air-drying dramatically cuts down on utility expenses, especially the dryer is the second largest energy consumer in most households. By air drying towels and swimwear between uses, they need to be washed less frequently, which means less water and less detergent. Air drying also extends the life of your clothes, to you'll need to replace worn out things less frequently.

Talk about using your unused space! There is between 6 and 8 inches of space lost to doorways. Hinge It products use that space to your advantage. Perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms, mudrooms and offices, the handy array of Hinge It products makes sure that you can better use the space you have. Whether you install a hook for the office bathroom for ladies to hang their purses or the Family Towel Bar in your home bathroom or bedroom, you suddenly discover what extra hanging space can mean. It's so easy and so convenient, you'll wonder that you never did it before.

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No tools needed!

Technically, no tools are required to install the Hinge It products. But sometimes, hinge pins can be hard to get out. So, you may need something to help you get the pin out the first time, especially in older doors and in bathrooms.
  Easy installation:
Remove the pin from the hinge--usually the top hinge of the door, though the middle hinge works just as well! The Hinge-It has an eye-hole attached to the bar. Fit this eye-hole over the hinge so that the pin can pass through it and into the hinge. Then put the pin back in!

Would I need a 3 hinge door for proper installation?
No, but you'll need 2 hinges that are between 53.5 and 66.5 inches apart! The attachment brackets for the Clutterbuster can be positioned "upward" (bracket looks like a shepherd's crook) or "downward" (bracket looks like the letter J) to accommodate hinge spacing within that range. See our installation instructions for more details!
I have a hinge it family towel bar rack in white and when I bought it it was missing all of the accessories, including the screws or bolts and the hinge mounts and one of the bars. I was wondering how I can get replacement parts?
Well, that's frustrating! I'm so sorry that everything you needed was not in the box. Please grab your receipt and give our office a call at 1-800-922-5524. We'll be happy to help you with parts!

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