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CedarStow Canvas Sweater Bag with Cedar Base, Forest green

Item#: 2584-1

CedarStow zippered Sweater/Shelf Bag is a premier storage bag, made with a solid cedar base.

CedarStow zippered Sweater/Shelf Bag is a premier storage bag, made with a solid cedar base.
Household Essentials CedarStow Canvas Sweater Storage Bag has a solid cedar base to give sweaters and clothing just the right protection in storage.  This cedar base gives the bag a hard, durable surface that makes it sturdy and easy to handle.  It fits well on solid and wire shelves and even slides under beds!  The canvas bag pairs the aromatic properties of eastern red cedar to repel pests with the breathable thick canvas to protect sweaters and clothing from dirt, dust, and pests while still keeping them from smelling like they have been in storage.  These bags are ideal for storing in the top of the closet with seasonal clothing!  Designed to hold 12 or more sweaters or other fine linens, this storage bag is both sturdy and flexible.  It boasts a cedar base, a smooth, solid cedar platform that supports the bag’s contents and prevents sagging and strain on the bag and zipper.  Sturdy cotton canvas sides provides flexible support for bulky and delicate items alike, while an industrial zipper on three sides provides easy access.  This sweater storage bag is 7 inches high, 25 inches wide, and 18.125 inches deep.

This wardrobe is part of the CedarStow collection, a complete line of soft-sided cedar storage for your home.

  • Soft-sided cotton storage bag for sweaters or linens fits on shelves
  • Flexible storage for the perfect fit for your space
  • Interlocking, solid cedar panels form base for freshness and stability that also helps repel moisture and pests for safer storage
  • Easy-access industrial zipper zips and unzips on 3 sides
  • Stores 12 or more sweaters, wools, or linens
  • Aromatic red cedar naturally freshens and repels moisture and insects
  • 7 inches high, 25 inches wide, and 18.125 inches deep

Forest green

7h x 25w x 18.125d inch
17.7 x 63.5 x 46.0 cm

It holds a lot!
The Shelf/Sweater storage bag is a medium storage bag: large enough to hold 12 sweaters, but small enough to fit conveniently on a closet shelf. (It is approximately 25" wide and 18" deep.) It also works well to store linens, purses, and other cloth or fabric items. The cedar keeps things fresh and also acts to repel pests. Cedar is naturally aromatic and renowned for its ability to repel moisture and insects, making it the choicest wood for fine closets.

How to refresh your cedar:
Cedar wood's freshness comes from the woods aromatic oils. What happens is the oil is exposed to the air on the surface of the wood fibers and eventually gets used up. You can restore those oils in one of two easy ways:

1. Sand it! Sanding your natural cedar exposes new fibers to the air, instantly refreshing its scent and protective qualities. And it can be sanded over and over again, for lasting freshness. It's a good idea to sand your cedar at least once a year.

2. Oil it! Cedar Fresh cedar oil is made from essential cedar oil. Spraying this oil on cedar wood puts the aromatic oil back on the surface of the wood, restoring its freshness and effectiveness.

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