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Cedar Fresh Care: Natural Freshness and Protection

It's USA cedar: fresh, quality, and the best protection for clothing and linens.

Cedar Fresh products are the finest in natural home storage and protection.  Always made from 100% aromatic red cedar that is harvested from non-endangered renewable forests.  This self-renewing resource naturally freshens and protects your
Chemical-free ~ Safe for home ~ Highly effective natural protections ~ Freshening ~ Repels moths, mildew, and mustiness ~ With lavender-infused options!

Cedar Oil: Natural Cedar Oil to Refresh

Powerful and concentrated Cedar Power Sprays provide a powerful burst of cedar fragrance.  The environmentally-friendly formula is perfect for refreshing raw cedar and extending the life or your cedar products.  It's easy-to-use, safe, reliable, and powerful.  

Closet: Cedar Stow for a Cedar Closet of Your Own

Cedar wood has long been the preferred wood for luxury closets because of its natural ability to freshen, resist moisture, and deter pests.  Now, with our Cedar Stow Closets, you can have your own luxurious cedar closet.  This collection combines versatile 100% cedar panels with soft-sided hanging closet-organizers and soft-sided storage bags.  It's natural cedar freshness and protection that is easy to use, for a quick cedar closet that lasts.  Leave the chemical moth balls and embrace Nature's way.

Hangers: Fine Cedar Hangers

Cedar hangers come in wide variety of styles for all of your clothing needs.  Hang your coats, trousers, and accessories on smooth, red cedar for natural freshness and protection lasts.

Keepsake Boxes: Cedar Boxes for Your Treasures

Cedar keepsake boxes are small, beautiful boxes made of eastern red cedar that hold your treasures on dressers, desks, and bureaus.  Made of aromatic eastern red cedar and lined with burgundy felt, these treasure chests protect your keepsakes for years to come.  They may even become keepsakes themselves.

Lint Roller: Refillable Adhesive Lint Roller

Cedar Fresh adhesive lint rollers keep you tidy by effectively trapping dirt, debris, and hair.  Their diagonally-cut, E-Z Peal paper makes it easy to reveal a fresh new sheet.  These are the lint rollers to have by the door and in your car to keep you dust, dirt, and hair free so you look your best wherever you go.  A must have for pet-owners everywhere!  Reusable.  Refillable.  Recyclable.  

Moth Balls Alternative: Cedar Balls, Blocks, and Cubes

Eastern red cedar is a natural, highly effective alternative to harsh chemical moth balls.  Feel good about your home with these cedar accessories that protect your clothing and linen from moisture, mustiness, and moths.  Cedar balls and sachets are a perfect fit for drawers, chests, and bags.  Blocks and hang-ups keep closets, armoires, and wardrobes fresher and safer.  And the compact cube goes almost anywhere.  Protect your home and family naturally with Cedar Fresh Aromatic Cedar.  

Shoe Accessories: Cedar Freshness for Your Shoes

Cedar Fresh has the shoe accessories you need, made of the cedar you want.  Natural aromatic cedar freshens shoes and absorbs moisture to protect your footwear and keep you walking longer.  We have sturdy shoes racks for storing shoes; shoe sachets that fit into the toe of shoes for truly effective moisture and odor control; and shoe trees to stretch, shape, and protect your best shoes.  Enjoy fresher footwear naturally.  Perfect for the entire family.

Storage: Boxes and Liners

Cedar storage invites the natural freshness and protection of eastern red cedar into your storage spaces.  Cedar storage offers drawer liners and dividers for dressers, bureaus. and cabinets.  It also has unfinished, open top storage boxes--perfect for gardening tools, sports equipment, and indoor/outdoor storage!  

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