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2-pk. Cedarline Sweater Storage Bag, Natural

Item#: 3321-1

Household Essentials 2-pk. Cedarline Sweater Storage Bag protects your favorite sweaters everyday.  This sweater bag set comes with 2 bags and is a fine way to protect your finest knits from snags, snarls, and being lost on the closet floor.  But this sweater bag goes beyond simple containment.  This bag from the Cedarline Collection is made of fine cotton canvas that protects your sweaters even as it lets air move around them—keeping the fresh for wearing.  The smooth canvas is sturdy, so it holds up to wear, but smooth, so it won’t damage your clothing.  Designed to hold multiple sweaters, the sweater bag protects your garments from the misuse of hanging or neglect.  The bag can be used as an instant upgrade in your clothing care.  Enhance your closet even more with the cedar panel inserts* that freshen and protect your clothing and linens with natural, aromatic cedar.  The Cedarline Sweater Storage Bag measures 3 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep.

*Accessory: sold separately.

  • 2 pack zippered storage bag for sweaters and seasonal clothing
  • Made of fine, smooth, breathable canvas that protects sweaters from snagging, dust, and pests
  • Storage bag fits on most standard shelves
  • Designed for use with Cedar Panels (25012--sold separately) for enhanced storage
  • Attached loops secure panels inside the bag
  • Requires 4 cedar panels
  • 3 inches high, 14.5 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep


3h x 14.5w x 12.25d inch
7.62 x 36.8 x 31.1 cm

Luxury pairing!
But what truly makes this Sweater Bag distinctive is its luxurious pairing with Cedar. Each bag is designed to be used with cedar panels, sold separately, that instantly transform the bag from sweater storage to luxury closet. Each bag uses 4 planks made from 100% natural red cedar, which are held securely along the inside of the bag by loops. This luxury collection unites the powerful aromatic properties of natural red cedar with the convenience of soft-sided storage. Cedar is naturally aromatic and renowned for its ability to repel moisture and insects. For this reason it is the choicest wood for fine closest.

Cedarline Collection
Now, you can have a cedar closet for your clothing without a full remodel. This Cedarline Sweater bag is just one of several pieces in the Cedarline Collection that transform clothing and linen storage into long-term clothing and linen care. Protect your investments with purpose using natural red cedar, a timeless remedy because it works.

Is the fabric actual cotton?
Yes, it is actual 100% cotton canvas--12 oz. cotton, to be specific. It doesn't feel like a t-shirt, more like a canvas bag, but it is cotton. It's thick with good weight. Hope that helps!

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