About Us


Household Essentials® is a bright and innovative company that goes forth boldly to bring you the classic foundations and latest innovations in Laundry and Storage.  Our leadership, with over 200 years of combined experience in senior and sales management, direct with passion and vision, looking to the future of the industry. With important expertise in sourcing and direct import fulfillment from Asia, we bring you the finest of function and economy.  We are on the front lines  meeting your needs before you are aware of them.  We are working toward and achieving distinction in environmental and sustainability properties, having earned Cradle to Cradle’s Silver certification.  The future is alight with possibilities and opportunities and we invite you to join us as we pursue them.  We are proud of who we are and invite you to get to know us.  Let us supply you with the means to a brighter and more efficient today as we move together toward a better tomorrow.

  • Over 200 years combined category experience in senior
    & sales management.

  • Household Essentials has maintained the same and consistent Senior  
    Management for the last 25 years.

  • Expertise in Asia sourcing and direct import fulfillment.

  • Retail sales analytical department dedicated to POS data analysis
    and forecasting.

  • EDI capable (incoming and exporting).

  • Complete capability to fulfill Catalog/Internet orders.

  • China based staff.

  • Certified by Cradle to Cradle for environmental & sustainability properties.



Our History

Household Essentials began as a small import company in Dallas, Texas. The company was established as “American Homeware” in 1986. The primary products were In closet organization and laundry accessories. These products were mostly imported from the Far East and sold to specialty retailers across the USA.  

In 1991 American Homeware purchased “Pressing Supply” the second largest producer of ironing board covers & pads in the USA. Pressing Supply which was established in the early 1940’s and was the second largest producer of ironing board covers and pads in the USA at that time. 

In 1993 American Homeware purchased “Ever-Ready Appliance Corporation”. Ever-Ready, established in the 1940’s, was a family operated steel plant located in St. Louis producing ironing boards and step stools.

In April of 1994 the company moved the American Homeware operation and the Pressing Supply operation to St. Louis. The company announced that all three companies were going to be combined and operated under a new corporate identity “DESIGN TREND”. 

In 1996 Design Trend was purchased by Whitney-Corr Pak. Whitney was a market leader in the decorative corrugate products. The company was re-named WHITNEY DESIGN in late 1996 as Whitney-Corr Pak and Design Trend were merged together. Unfortunately the decorative corrugate box market experienced significant declines due to the overwhelming growth of plastic storage. It was decided to close the corrugate operation in late 1997. 

In February of 2006 Whitney Design purchased Butt’s Manufacturing. Butts was the market share leader in outdoor laundry products such as pole / umbrella style dryers, clothesline reels, and similar products.

In December of 2007 Whitney Design purchased Hinge It. Hinge It’s product line was made up of patented and uniquely designed products that fit on the door hinge to provide creative storage in under utilized spaces.

In January of 2010 the assets of Whitney Design were purchased by Household Essentials, LLC.

In June of 2011 Household Essentials purchased Cedar Fresh. Cedar Fresh is the market leader of high quality cedar products that protects homes against moths, mildew and mustiness. 

Household Essentials enjoys excellent relationships with major mass retailers such as Wal-Mart, Meijer, and Target. We also enjoy a good mix of customers in our top ten with mass merchants (discount stores), specialty (Bed, Bath, & Beyond, and The Container Store), and hardware / home centers such as Ace, True Value, Lowe’s and Menards.

The company continues to grow in both distribution and dollar volume. Our major strength is our work force. We have over 200 years collective experience in the non-electric laundry and storage / organization categories. Although under different owners, the Company has been under the same continuous senior management team for over 25 years. This consistency brings us a great deal of strength and vision. Our future is bright with opportunity and exciting with possibilities.